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Ahoi Ashtami is celebrated on the day eight of the Krishna side of Ashwin month. On this day mothers keeps fast for their children. Learn the importance of Ahoi Ashtami fast and worship method.

Ahoi Puja significance:

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After the Karva Chauth in Hinduism, Ahoi Mata is worshiped on the eighth day. Ahoi knows Ashtami as Ahoi Ashtami. This time, the worshipping will be done on Thursday, October 12th. On this auspicious day, women keep fasting for the well-being of offspring, their longevity and also for the happiness and prosperity in the house. The fast is kept for the complete day and worshiping done in the evening. After this, after seeing the moon or the stars, they have the prasad and end their fast.

Method of worship:

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Various types of dishes are made on the day of Ashtami. All day, women keep fast. Later in the evening, paintings of Ahoi Mata, Saiyu Mata and their children of eight corners are made on the wall. These paintings are filled with red ocher and yellow colored turmeric. By lighting a lamp of oil, they  duly worship and decorate the Ahoi Mata. During this time, a variety of cuisine is earmarked in front of Ahoi Mata.

Wearing a Silver Locket:

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At the time of worship, the story of Ahoi Mata is also said. During the worshiping of Ahoi Mata, a silver locket with a picture of Ahoi Mata is worn on the wall paintings. After this, women who fast have to wear this locket. In this, women have to wear pearls of silver according to the number of their children. After the pooja, Ahoi mother apologized for the mistakes that were made inadvertently. Not only this, by touching the feet of the elders of the house they get blessings.

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