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New report reveals data about in Yeti | Science

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New report reveals data about in Yeti

Scientists of legend and murder on November 29 dismantled the myth of the abominable man of the imposing but furtive half-humans rumored for centuries to inhabit inaccessible stretches of the Himalayas.

Science - wikifeed

It turns out that you report in the Royal Society B’s review of procedures, that the much sought-after creature, also known as the Yeti, is actually a bear. Or three different bears, to be precise: the Asian black, the brown and brown Tibetan of the Himalayas.

Each of these sub-species inhabits different niches in the roof that of the world and all of them have probably mistaken at one time or another for the wild man of the Snows, said the scientists.

“Our results strongly suggest that the biological basis of the Yeti legend can be found in local bears,” said lead scientist Charlotte Lindqvist, an associate professor at the University of Buffalo University of Arts and Sciences.

Science - wikifeed

The study is not the first to reduce the myth to facts, but amass an unprecedented wealth of genetic testing of evidence gleaned from bone, tooth, skin, hair and fecal samples previously attributed to the cryptic creatures.

The artifacts-from the world private museums and museums, including the monastic relics, come from a Yeti leg-in fact, the remains of different bears 23, found

Lindqvist and his team had renewed the complete mitokondriyal genomes of each sample, leading to important discoveries about kshitijagrast carnivores of the area and their utthanakari history.

Science - wikifeed

“Brown takes the bears to roam at the high altitude of the Tibetan plateau, and the brown bears in the mountains of the western Himalayas are two different populations,” she said.

Today, from the Himalayas to the brown bears Ursas arkatos Isabelenas-has been listed as ‘critically endangered’ in the International Union for the conservation of the red list of nature.

The darker brown Tibetan is lighter in its reddish brown skin color than beer, which plays a white collar around its throat.

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