Amber Room is the world's eighth wonder |
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The gold treasures of the world’s dictatorships which have become mysterious secret

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france gold |

The power that has been working behind many world rulers and decree, the power has actually emerged from the empire treasures. It is the world’s history that the power of money has been bowing down to the big amusement of power all the time. Who does not know that the huge stones, gold and silver diamonds with huge stores full of diamonds and jewels.

Khazane |

Treasure of Lima: In 1820, the Viceroy of Peru shifted its treasures to Mexico between warlike conditions. This treasure, being transported to Mexico through 11 ships in the Indian Ocean, has finally been looted by the pirates, since then this treasure has remained a secret. The treasure of more than 18 billion has been discovered many times.

Amber Room is the world's eighth wonder |

Amber Room: The Amber Room can be called the world’s eighth wonder. In this room or chamber decorated with Russian and German fine art, the gold had returned to six tons, while it was gold and costly stones. It was given to Peter the Great in 1716 after peace establishment between Russia and Prussia. This treasure in the world is in the highest demand. Others.

Leone Trabuco's Gold: 1930'|

Gold of León Trebucco: In the early 1930s, Mexican billionaire Leon Trabeuco had his 16 tons of gold in the Registan area of ​​Mexico. Billionaire Leone and his partner had bought about 16 tons of gold for sale, but Leon’s dream of making more profit by selling it after the restriction of selling gold remained the dream.

Arch of the Coventant |

Arch of the Coventant: This was the biggest treasure of Christianity. It was a box full of treasures, which was the holiest object on earth, made by God himself on mount Sinai with the help of Moses for ancient Israel. The arc was made in pure gold with a pair of wooden handles and two golden cherubs on top. It was robbed by the Babylonians in 607 BC. this.

Nights tumble the jackpot |

Treasures of the Knights Tamlar: The Treasures of Knights Tummler remains the world’s first and lastest treasure. In 1114, all religious armies were ordered to protect the Christian pilgrimage sites, after which the Christian soldiers, known by the name Knight Templars of Europe, received many tons, gold, precious diamonds and jewels for this purpose.

Treasure of King Montjuaja |

Treasure of King Montjuaja: During the fall of the Aztec empire on July 1, 1520, the injured King Montizua ordered everyone, including his treasure, to withdraw from there. During the middle attack, many people of the monarchy were killed and the treasure was robbed. Where did this treasure go? What happened Nobody could find this. Somewhere in Mexico City.

El Dorado's Gold |

Gold of El Dorado: The King of Musica of Columbia, a tribal city in South America, was called El Dardo. El Dorado used to keep the whole body covered with a gold layer for religious reasons. When Spench attacked the Peruvian 40-year-old rage, the entire city and its people moved to the valley of Vilismamaba here. this one.

Floor the Kill |

Floor the Kill: Floor the Kill It was a ship. This Portuguese ship was also called Flower of the Sea. The ship drowned on November 20, 1505, with the treasures of billions of rupees. There are no names for this vessel till date. Returning from Malaysia to Portugal, this ship had several hundred tons of gold, silver alarms and precious diamond gems.

Jackpot of black birds |

Treasure of Black Birds: Edward Teach, who knows the whole history Blackbirds, was a pirate. Blackbird used to loot in the West Indian and North American pyramids. Blackbird looted the ship of a French merchant in 1718. The ship was robbed by the ship, about 62 billion rupees, a long time in front of the world.

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